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The start, website shop operational! April 3, 2010

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So the wine website is now operational and we feel it is about 60% complete. To users though it seems to be atleast 90% complete and just missing a few wine descriptions and bottle/label shots. This means that actually there are still lots of new improvements to come and the most recent will be the addition of media content i.e. assoicated news, blogs, pods, cids, pics etc. You’ll be able to find these next to each product and region and we hope this will keep you upto date and learning about all things vinous.

Our own wine videos are coming thick and fast, we have the first 6 winemaker videos to edit for the blog over the next 2 weeks. These will be with Moric – Austria, Rusden  – Australia, Pietracupa & Gallardi – Italy, Mullineux & Bon Cap – South Africa.  Please be kind to us when viewing as although the equipment is great we are really still learning about everything such as; lighting, setting,  interview style, length of video etc. In time we will allow you all to comment on the videos and so help us develop them in a way that is most pleasing, informative and viewer friendly.

As the webshop develops, one thing to keep in mind is that at our heart, we are just an independent wine merchant and although the aim of the site is to offer all needed to make purchases in confidence, there is still a human (Richard) on hand to help through the old tried and tested methods; by phone 0207 223 0959 or by email:

For instance just this week a customer found us when searching Google for a particular wine.  He phoned to ask if we could better our price as it was a bulk purchase for a wedding. This was greatfully receivied and we gladly offered to him the best retail price for that wine anywhere in the UK.

The point is that however we can, we’ll gladly  ‘carry that case’ the extra mile for you!


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